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Each floor collected from our company is specially protected against adverse impact of the environment. However, during transport and subsequently during storage, it should be protected against moisture, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. The floor and all installation materials should be stored in order to acclimatize inside the room in which the floor is to be installed (not next to the wall) for at least 3-4 days before the start of installation works.

Prior to installation, carefully check delivered material and report any damage or irregularities to the seller. Complaints will not be accepted if the floor is installed using defective material.

The next step is to check the base on which the floor will be installed. The base must be dry, strong, level, smooth, without scratches and bubbles. The maximum residual moisture, when measured with a CM device, for mineral base layers is 2%; the maximum residual moisture for anhydrite-based screeds is 0.5%. Irregularities of the base layer must not exceed 2 mm for the first meter of the base layer and 1.5 mm for each next meter of the base layer. The base layer must be insulated against capillary moisture. When installing the floor, the settlement joints should be maintained next to walls, doors and near tiles, stone, etc.

Solid oak wood boards should not be used with floor heating systems. In this case, use laminated floor (before installation, accept the floor heating system by protocol, maximum use temperature: 28°C).

The base should be prepared using proper agents, preferably from a single supplier, containing impregnating materials for base preparation and ANHYDROUS glue, properly selected for a given type of wood and the size of the material. Special glue is recommended to be used when installing floor heating system. Ask the supplier of floor construction chemicals whether specific products may be used for selected kind of wood. Floor boards can be also installed by nailing them to OSB board.

Because Slovpol Wood floor is a natural product, individual boards may differ. In order to uniformly arrange boards which differ in colour and structure, mix the boards from several packages before installing them. The floor should be installed at a room temperature of about 18-22°C and relative air humidity of 45-60%. Our floor consists of boards with different lengths in order to emphasize the natural character of the floor. To achieve harmonious arrangement of floor boards, the installer should install short, medium and long boards alternately. If the boards are incorrectly distributed, it may occur that short boards are installed in one area and long boards in another area of the room.

After installation, the floor can be walked on immediately. However, it must be left without excessive load for about 30 days to ensure that the hard wax oil protecting the floor surface is hardened completely and let the floor achieve its final resistance to abrasion, humidity as well as chemicals and liquids for domestic use (beer, cola, coffee, wine etc.). The floor may be wet cleaned not earlier than 30 days after installation. Earlier, clean the floor using a dry floor mop or a vacuum cleaner.

Proper preservation and the use of proper floor care agents are important because standard cleaning agents can degrease the floor and cause its permanent damage.

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