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Use and maintenance of floors

Use, preservation and maintenance

Wooden floors are natural and hygroscopic products, which change their properties depending on environmental conditions. The optimal conditions, both for floors and people, are ensured when temperature is from 18 to 22°C and relative humidity from 45 to 60%. Increased humidity leads to swelling of wood and may even cause damage to the material. On the other hand, decreased humidity causes drying and formation of larger or smaller gaps. Natural changes in wood properties may not be completely excluded but they may be limited by maintaining recommended conditions in the room. Effects of natural changes in wood properties may not be the reason for complaints.

Apart from sweeping and vacuuming, the wooden floors can be also wiped with a damp cloth or a floor mop. However, the damp cloth must be carefully wrung. Excessive amount of water should not remain on the floor. Special care products for wooden floors should be added to water (concentrate of Wisch-Fix for daily cleaning and preservation). The surface of Slovpol Wood floors is protected with OSMO oils. Wooden floor should be protected against mechanical damage. In order to prevent any scratches, soft material, such as felt or special commercially available adhesive pads should be attached to furniture legs. The floor protected with natural oil maintains its natural character. Therefore, these floors have recently gained in popularity. Their advantage is the possibility of local repair so that the difference between the newly protected part and the original floor material is practically indistinguishable. It is advisable to regularly preserve oil-protected floor using oil (preservation with wax and OSMO cleaning products). The preservation of less loaded floors should be carried out approximately once per two years while heavily loaded floors should be preserved once a year. The preservation is very simple. Special DIY oil preservation kits for floors can be ordered.

In case of emergencies, such as flooding, spillage of chemicals, extensive mechanical damage (not subject to complaint), you should immediately contact the manufacturer or seller.

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