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Properties of oak floor

Since time immemorial, oak floors have been, are and will be the favourite choice for those who prefer natural materials. A warm and pleasant surface for bare feet, long life and a wide range of natural colour shades - these are the main advantages of wooden floors.

Our wooden floor is a fully natural, non-allergic product offering very good thermal and acoustic insulation. Oak floors are 100% natural and hygroscopic. They react to changing environmental conditions, contribute to the interior harmony and have positive effect on the climate in the room. Thanks to their low electrostatic charge they do not attract dust particles. They suit any interior style, both the traditional and the modern one.

Handicraft products are exclusive goods, much desired on the market and addressed to demanding customers. When making our products, we focus primarily on their quality, hence no wonder that for us, the main source of acquiring new business is positive recommendations from our customers. We are ready for cooperation with architects and design offices that value the high quality of products and wish to satisfy their customers by providing them with unique solutions.
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